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Hello I'm Stephen Barnett and I'm a fantastic professional wedding photographer based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, specialising in documentary wedding photography of your big day. I’ve been photographing weddings for 15 years and I'm well known for my beautiful, relaxed and informal style. Let’s have some fun and create a collection of images and memories that you can share with all the people who are important to you.

What is reportage wedding photography? You’ve probably read about it in wedding magazines. Well, it’s the ability to take beautiful, relaxed photographs that capture the important moments of the day. I'm in the background, getting the best shots without being pushy or taking over your wedding day. I promise to shoot your wedding without fuss or boring your guests.

How do you choose the right photographer? I have the skills and experience to capture the special memories of your big day so please watch the videos on choosing your wedding photographer and find out how I approach the big day


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Sam and Lou talk about their Wedding Photography with Stephen Barnett



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Relaxed Wedding Photography

As a professional photographer Stephen Barnett specializes in the provision of relaxed wedding photography aided with the perfection that one looks forward to in professionals. As a professional he has been portraying the love and bonding between couples through the images caught within the lens of the photographer.

Relaxed Wedding Photography

As a professional in photography, Stephen Barnett has been providing the perfectly relaxed wedding photography which is suited to make the occasion a memorable one. He looks forward to expressing the beauty of the moment through the ambiance of photographs. This is the reason as to why he has he believes that photography can spell wonders among the people.

Creative Wedding Photography

Stephen Barnett is a professional when it comes to the challenge of framing creative wedding photography. With the eyes of a professional he is able to capture the moment while it is in its natural proceedings. This makes for a vibrant photograph which depicts the natural beauty of the portrait.

Creative Wedding Photography

Stephen Barnett has also been highly acclaimed for his work in the field of creative wedding photography. The exposure oriented photography is highly sought after in the modern day wedding s and the professional photographer has made sure of the fact that such a vital asset does not get off the list.

Informal Wedding Photography

As a professional photographer equipped with a high utility camera, Stephen Barnett also undertakes the section of informal wedding photography in the brochure so that each and every immaculate moment can be captured and framed forever. He believes that every moment in the wedding ceremony is worth capturing and framing up.

Informal Wedding Photography

The hunt for informal wedding photography seemingly comes to an end owing to the services forwarded by the relaxed wedding photography expert, Stephen Barnett. As a professional he covers up all the ceremonies under the schedule of a grand wedding and works with the lens in order to make the still image lively.

Documentary Wedding Photography

Stephen Barnett has been quite acquainted with off the track photography as well. Through his experience in documentary wedding photography he is able to bring forth a completely different perspective to the wedding photographs. He has an eye for the unconventional and his photography is an answer to that as well.

Documentary Wedding Photography

Stephen Barnett in himself is worth the expertise and the experience summed up in a number of leading in documentary wedding photography. With his expertise in the filed he is able to portray the wedding ceremony in a glance across the photo album thus making the images a living memory.